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Chizara Nzeih-a

That Thing Called Tadhana Full M [TOP]


The film is thankfully very simple and straightforward, it is explicitwith its symbols and is dialogue heavy; however, it has goodcinematography, several long takes and revels in its quiet momentswhich is a rarity. Being genre savvy, it implies these two will moveon and hook up by the end and the film will preach to move on withyour life. By title alone the theme is if it is stupid to believe inromantic fate or "tadhana".

Despite these contradictions, neither is it wrong to believe inromantic fate nor fighting against it. Imagination and lust is whatwrites stories while strength and desire is why we fight against it.To accept and deny fate is both romantic. If the ending does choose aside, it denies one that makes romances very subtle and complex. Loveis not a size fits all, sometimes letting things be and sometimesfighting are valid actions as shown by Mace. So by leaving the endingopen, it neither denies itself at the same time the complexity ofbeing stupidly in love. You know, you idiots.

Moving on is not wrong but it shows how waiting and letting thingsboil is also an option. If Mace waited and never took the journey, sheis justified in her belief and patient by letting her lover miss her;but the journey gave her strength while sleeping on it. Acting andwaiting. This shows that neither belief is completely wrong and cancoexist.

Sam is a twentysomething that loves to write about travel, food, and culture. She believes that writing helps us make better sense of the world we live in.Check out more of her writing on Say hi on Twitter and/or Instagram at @samzabbel.

I was scrolling through the Pushing Daisies works and was searching for.. i have tried my best to write that something (often through the british narrators tone) Short story but i promise death, life, humour, cuteness and romance (perhaps even some sexy times for Ned ;) ;)

Legit, a fanfic based off of an insecurity around speaking sounds so fucking stupid, but it's something that I've been dealing with my entire life, due to the fact I never got the proper English learning edumucation as a kiddo (due to the fact I was constantly between California and my home) that I never really learned anything about proper grammar and punctuation, so I've had to learn that all my self. 1e1e36bf2d


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