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Gardening With Carol Klein Series 2 Episode 1

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Projects include Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein which followed a year in the life of Klein's garden at Glebe Cottage in North Devon, and Grow Your Own Veg. Each week the programme looked at a different group of crop plants or techniques suitable for home gardening. Both programmes were made for BBC Two. She has been a permanent presenter of Gardeners' World since 2005.

As well as television work, Klein has written a number of best-selling books for Mitchell Beazley and writes for gardening publications such as BBC Gardeners' World magazine as well as a column for The Guardian. She writes a weekly column, syndicated through the Trinity Mirror regional's newspaper publishing business, which appears in the "Saturday Extra" magazine given with regional newspaper titles such as the Liverpool Echo[8] and Manchester Evening News.

Spring Gardening with Carol Klein is a six-part series that starts on Channel 5 on Thursday April 21 at 7pm. Each episode (see our guide below) will then arrive on streaming service My5. So grab your trowel and prepare to be inspired.

Although I have the DVR programmed to record every one of these I can (which means a lot of old, fuzzy episodes of The Victory Garden recorded from some channel called RLTV that runs a lot of ads for how the elderly can learn to use computers), I cannot manage to quench my thirst for gardening programming.

Thanks for this info-I watched a couple of episodes of Life In A Cottage Garden with Carol Klein this morning and really enjoyed it! (on YouTube) It was just what I needed today as we are in the middle of a blizzard here in Nova Scotia!Can't wait for Spring!!

I'm sorry to say I never even dreamed there were gardening shows! So happy to hear about your discoveries. What I would like are some recommendations for gardening magazines. I NEED some pretty pictures. We just bought a home with a big square empty yard. A blank slate! And I am excited to begin. Need inspiration.

My gardens are all done with exception of the Hidcote rooms with Thuja green emerald hedges slow growing . Makes for slow progress and some upset when all is help up cant proceed. Problem is so far from house to this newer site that holds so much exciting plans in bay. Six rooms half mile of paths lanes and main avenue. Big gates and crests over them. Metal double gates 9 foot high with brick columns at front.Big crested high single gate all metal no brick for lake gardens. It was lovely planing it all out and in two years now must plant up as plants pile up in pots and seeds ready bulbs too. Roses must go in. Trouble is winds in winter as three year old thuja plants refuse to move an inch in that time.Watered by rains and bucket during hot days in summer. Can only think of fertilizer with 50% nitrogen and trace elements of all sorts in Spring and hope for the best. I love gardening show and other peoples take on things .Mine is in the arts and craft style through out all five acres but this last bit is proving really hard to start work on.

I agree about HGTV; complained many times years ago & instead of adding garden shows they all disappeared. Thankful for YouTube to watch some Monty Don shows and Alan Titmarsh, plus a few old Ground Force. Also Garden Rescue is fun with Charlie Dimmock (originally from Ground Force) and the Rich brothers. Another one I found are short videos by John Lord in Ireland, owns Ratoath Garden nursery and has a show garden beside it. Have learned plenty from these shows and fills me with joy during the winter months. Have discovered so many plants on these shows that the typical garden centre does not carry and now search nurseries in the area for something a bit unusual. From Nova Scotia Canada

In the latest episode of Gardening with Carol Klein, the presenter revealed that her box hedges were inspired by the Japanese technique of cloud-pruning. These billowing hedges mimic the natural curves of the garden, creating a natural, almost organic look.

In this post, Carol has made use of her vast collection of terracotta pots to protect her potato crop from frost. However, not one to be content with a typical vegetable patch, on her gardening show last week Carol demonstrated the three sisters planting method.

Carol's warmth does much to counteract the approaching chill of winter in her series in which she shares the wonders of autumnal gardening with gardeners of all levels. In Episode 2, Carol says a heartfelt 'goodbye' to her old Rhino - soon to be lovingly rehomed after many years of service - and 'hello' to her new Rhino - a newer, larger model.

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